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Ultrasound Training Programmes


These are structured training programme comprising of both theory and extensive hands – on practical training experience.

1) Introduction to Obstetric Sonography – One week basic course

This course is designed to introduce young aspirants to the skill of Obstetric sonography as a tool in Fetal Medicine.It incorporates an overview of the physics of ultrasound, introduction to the scan machine and the basic principles of effective fetal scanning. It is a pre requisite for candidates wishing to undertake the orientation and advanced courses subsequently to enhance their acumen in the field of Fetal Medicine.

2) Orientation fortnight – the two week course in Obstetric scans for Fetal diagnosis

This course provides a starting point for Obstetricians who wish to adopt ultrasound as an add-on skill in the diagnosis of fetal conditions. A two week curriculum will aim to build the foundation in basic ultrasound skills, with an option of hands-on training . A systematic approach to Fetal diagnosis will be taught and the candidates will be oriented towards application of their scan skills in enhancing their clinical judgement.

3) Advanced Obstetric ultrasound course – a two week programme

This fortnight long course if for practitioners who are doing Obstetric scans and are well oriented to the technical skills of scanning. The aim of this course is to sharpen your skills in special techniques like Fetal Doppler, screening for chromosomal abnormalities with gestation specific ultrasound markers and detailed analysis of specific Fetal anomalies.

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Fetal Ultrasound Programme

First batch commences on June 2014 Under the aegis of AOGD