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    Dr. Rosina Manandhar

    MD (OB-GYN)

    Dr. Rosina Manandhar is a self-motivated and progressive Obstetrician from Nepal. Having completed her MD, Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 2009, she has been in Kathmandu Medical College, as a faculty, for last 8 years, which runs various under-graduation and post-graduation courses.Since then, she has been aneminent member of the department, clinically as well as academically with the appreciations of her efforts and researches, in various national and international forums.She was conferred with the prestigious Shan S. Ratnam-Young GynaecologistAward by Asian and Oceanic Federation of Obstetrician and Gynaecologists in 2017and the SOMA Award in the annual National Conference in 2018 for her researches.These encouragementsfueled her enthusiasm and provided her with zeal to bring back the advancements,skills and academic developments to the country for better trainings of students and better management of the patients.

    During her practice, with advent of various sub-specialtiesin Obstetrics and Gynaecology, being feasible and available, she realized the field of fetal medicine was yet to arrive in Nepal with only few trained clinicians available in the country,and many patients having to travel abroad for the expertise. In quest of overcoming this limitation and to bring the wave of better diagnostic and therapeutic services to the country along with the vision of developing fetal medicine as a prospect of sub-specialty, in future, to the upcoming clinicians, she has joined Apollo Centre for fetal Medicine.

    Following her training she will return back to her country to resume her responsibilities, with a new horizon, to provide better care to the mother and her unborn baby,as well, to provide new dimension in academics to the upcoming trainees. By the end of training, she aspiresto gain the experience as well as resources to introduce, establish and consolidate the field of fetal medicine in Nepal.

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