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Anomaly Certification - Sample Images

Education & Training


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We provide your unborn child with the most advanced fetal diagnosis and fetal interventions available.

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  • Fetal Ultrasound Programme

    ACFM is pleased to announce its first ‘Fetal Ultrasound Programme’ under the aegis of Fetal Medicine Sub-Committee, Association of Obstetricians and Gynecology, Delhi (AOGD). The first batch for session 2014 – 2015 commenced on June 2014.

    This training programme is aimed at improving obstetric scanning skills of clinicians who are already doing obstetric ultrasound and wish to improve their understanding of fetal abnormalities and want to get familiarized with the current evidence based management of these abnormalities.

    The entire course will be spread over 10 months comprising of 12 sessions with classes from 9:00 am to 3.00 pm on one Sunday per month. This exhaustive and interactive training programme will involve video demonstrations and discussions of normal and abnormal cases which will enable you to understand the presentation of various anomalies and their management. A unique feature will be online submission and auditing of fetal scan images which will be mandatory for all trainees. These will be submitted at monthly intervals for review and objective feedback.

    This programme was conceptualised and initiated by Dr Prathima Radhakrishnan, Bangalore Fetal Medicine Centre (BFMC) in 2012 where it has completed its two years and has received an overwhelming response.

    Who should attend?

    All obstetricians, sonographers and radiologists involved in obstetric scanning would benefit from this programme. Since clinicians who are busy in their practice find it difficult to devote an entire month or year for formal training, this programme has been designed such as to provide the freedom of continuing your regular clinical practice along with the training programme.

    Eligibility criteria:
    • Prior PC-PNDT registration is compulsory for sonologists practicing in India
    • Practicing sonologists performing at least 10 Obstetric scans per week, including NT and anomaly scans
    Objectives of the training programme:
    • To learn the current standard of practice in obstetric scanning
    • To get familiar with the Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF, UK) screening protocols
    • To be able to recognize fetal abnormalities in all trimesters
    • To be familiar with the current evidence based management for fetal anomalies
    • To be familiar with current guidelines for ultrasound and Doppler monitoring of growth restricted fetuses
    • To be familiar with monitoring protocols for multiple pregnancy
    • To understand the importance of multidisciplinary care and to know when to refer patients to a Fetal Medicine Centre
    • To equip the trainees with required skills to obtain FMF (UK) certifications

    10 months comprising of 10 sessions with classes from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM on every 3rd or 4th Sunday of the month

    Overview of the training programme:
    • All sessions will be conducted by FMF, UK accredited Fetal Medicine specialists and invited faculty under the guidance of Dr Anita Kaul
    • Each session would involve discussion on the normal views, abnormalities and case discussions on a particular anatomical system
    • There will be exhaustive coverage of each system by video demonstrations followed by discussion on normal and abnormal cases for the system being covered.
    • A unique feature of this interactive programme is that all trainees are required to submit their fetal scan images at regular intervals for review and objective feedback.
    • Clinical images are to be uploaded online which will be reviewed by faculty and objective feedback provided for each submission.
    • Delegates will need to adhere to the minimum number of images to be uploaded on a regular basis, usually 20 per module
      80% attendance will be mandatory for attendance certificate
    • A 15 day observership at ACFM (which can be covered over the entire 12 month duration) for clinical, case based learning.
    Core programme

    The detailed programme is as follows:

    Face and Neck- FUP

      First trimester – Normal face (including retronasal triangle)
      Abnormalities of face and neck in 1st trimester

      • Absent nasal bone
      • Increased NT
      • Jugular lymph sacs
      • Pierre Robin Syndrome
      • Mathew Wood Syndrome

      Second trimester

      • Normal face views
      • Identifying facial cleft
        • Cleft lip and palate
        • Isolated cleft palate
      • Ocular and orbital defects
      • Anophthalmia
      • Microphthalmia
      • Micrognathia, retrognathia
      • Macroglossia
      • Postnatal management facial cleft lip and palate


      • TEF
      • Goitre
    • Miscellaneous –Craniosynostosis

    Thorax & Heart

      Normal views- thorax
      Abnormalities of thorax

      • CCAM and BPS
      • Bronchogenic Cyst
      • Intra-thoracic cyst
      • Congenital diaphragmatic hernia
      • CHAOS
      • Pleural effusion, Pericardial effusion

      Normal heart views – ISUOG guidelines Heart Imaging
      Abnormalities of heart

      • Ventricular septal defects
      • Tetralogy of Fallot
      • Ebstein anomaly
      • Tricuspid/ Mitral stenosis/ atresia
      • Hypoplastic right heart
      • Hypoplastic left heart syndrome
      • Atrio-ventricular defects
      • Double outlet right ventricle

      Abnormalities of great vessels

      • Transposition of the Great vessels
      • Pulmonary and aortic stenosis/ atresia
      • Coarctation of aorta
      • Truncus arteriosus

      Cardiac arrhythmias- Tachycardia and extrasystoles
      Congenital heart Block

    GIT Module

    • Renal cyst
    • Renal tumour

    Postnatal management renal abnormalities –Dr Sujit Chaudhary/team

    Genital abnormalities

    • Ambiguous genitalia
    • Cloacal abnormality

    Skeletal system
    Normal Appearance of fetal skeleton- Evaluation in utero
    Mineralization of bones
    Decreased Echogenecity

    • Osteogenesis imperfecta type II
    • Achondrogenesis

    Normal echogenecity with Bowing

    • Jarco-Levine Syndrome
    • Ellis Van Crevil Syndromes

    Skeletal Dysplasia
    Definitions- Rhizo/Meso/Rhizomesomelia
    Length and segments of skeleton
    Assessment of Chest/Thorax
    Assessment of extremities
    Assessment of cranium- Cloverleaf, lemon, strawberry
    Assessment of spine- Hemi-vertebrae/kyphoscoliosis/Spinal dysraphism
    Assessment of scapula, clavicle, pelvis
    Skeletal Dysplasia- lethal vs nonlethal
    Genetic syndromes and associated abnormalities

    IUGR and Fetal Dopplers

    • Definition of IUGR and pathophysiology
    • Fetal circulation

    Fetal Dopplers

    • Physics and knobology of Dopplers
    • First trimester Fetal Dopplers- DV, TR,
    • Uterine artery Doppler & screening for early pre-eclampsia/FGR

    Dopplers in second trimester

    • uterine artery Doppler for screening of Pre-eclampsia and IUGR
    • Fetal anemia
    • Dopplers in multiple pregnancy

    Dopplers in third Trimester

    • Fetal Surveillance – growth charts and arterial Dopplers
    • Haemodynamic changes in FGR – venous Dopplers and aortic isthmus
    • Fetal cardiac function in FGR
    • Current evidence on decision to delivery – Doppler or CTG (TRUFFLE study)?

    Disorders of amniotic fluid volume

    • Oligohydramnios
    • Role of amnioinfusion
    • Polyhyramnios

    Multiple Gestation

    • Eitiology and classification of multiple gestation
    • Embryo Reduction/Selective Foeticide
    • Malformations in twins
    • Twin-Twin transfusion syndrome
    • Monochorionic twins with selective IUGR- classification and management
    • Twin reversed arterial Perfusion Sequence
    • Conjoined twins
    • Monoamniotic twins

    Fetal Infections

    • TORCH- Prevalence, history and definitions
    • Antenatal screening guidelines
    • When to suspect fetal infection- screening, history, sonographic signs?
    • Management of TORCH infections

    A certificate of attendance will be issued after an EXIT exam.

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    Education & Training


    Why Choose us

    We provide your unborn child with the most advanced fetal diagnosis and fetal interventions available.

    Read More

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    Contact Us

    Call us on 011-71793018 to request an appointment or speak with a fetal specialist.

    You can also use our online appointment form or send us a message using our contact us form

    Fetal Ultrasound Programme

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